At Avcon, our team is made up of exceptionally productive and efficient individuals who are passionate about building. We love our business. All of our staff is highly qualified. Our site superintendents all have decades of experience and technical training, and our personnel all meet or exceed the requirements for safety training.

We uphold high professional standards, constantly tracking the progress, schedule, costs, and resources for each project in order to keep our clients informed and involved.

Furthermore, the Avcon team is made up of highly personable individuals. We respect and cater to our client’s needs, and our outstanding integrity makes working with us both easy and enjoyable.

  • We are thinkers in a stressful environment.
  • We are collaborators in an ego-driven business.
  • We embrace technology in an old school industry.
  • We are Avcon.  We make you look great.


Here’s what we look like:

Avi Gottlieb,  President and Founder


In 1991, Avi founded Avcon Construction, not only because he wanted to be the boss.  Avi’s passion for efficiency, quality and transparency in the construction world drove him to realize that there is a better way to get from A to B.  And, he wanted to be the boss.  Initially, implementing his systems meant doing it all - from sales to estimating and project management.  As the company matured, “Coach” has taken more of a “behind the scenes” approach, allowing highly qualified individuals deal with daily issues while always willing to assist in more sensitive or technical issues.

Avi’s “rock” is his beautiful wife of over 30 years.  His three grown children are all successful and smart enough to be pursuing careers outside of construction.  They enjoy outperforming their dad on the ski slopes and in the gym.  In his spare time, Avi enjoys a variety of sports, as well as travel and classical music.


Nick Rizzotto, Project Manager


Nick has been flying under the radar since joining Avcon in 2001.  Left to his own devices, “Stealth” will resolve an issue before you even know there was one.  His success is gauged by the quality of his finished product and consistently meeting deadlines.  Nick obtained a diploma in Architectural Technology from George Brown College.  He is blessed with a lovely wife and two wonderful daughters.  In his spare time, Nick spends it with his family and enjoys playing volleyball and ball hockey.

Ellyn Kaufman, Facilities Manager

"Good Cop"

Our “good cop”, (ok, sometimes she’s the bad cop) keeps our various properties and businesses happy and under control.  Ellyn joined Avcon in 2009 and quickly proved herself capable of greater challenges.  As the company and its portfolio grows, Ellyn takes on a more significant role.  Ellyn holds a Bachelor degree in Arts and Education from York University.  In her spare time, she enjoys taking classes at the gym, travelling and entertaining friends and family. 

Norry Quianzon, Accounting Manager


When you call us up looking for a “solid”, you get Norry.  Nothing gets past her and she’s always up for a challenge.  There is no task too complex for Norry to tackle.  Her recent promotion into the role of Accounting Manager is a case in point.  Norry has progressed diligently through her course work and training to become what we all knew she was: “Solid”.  Norry never leaves work, so she has no spare time.  Occasionally, however, she enjoys watching Jeopardy and spending time with her family.